Kubernetes-based cloud native integration platform provider TriggerMesh has raised $3 million in seed funding. The round was led by Index Ventures and Crane Venture Partners.

TriggerMesh would use the funds to scale the company and grow the development team that is delivering “the industry’s first cloud native integration platform for the serverless era,” the company said.

TriggerMesh added that its platform will enable organizations to build enterprise-grade applications that span multiple cloud and data center environments — addressing a growing pain point as serverless architectures become more prevalent.

TriggerMesh’s platform and serverless cloud bus facilitate application flow orchestration to consume events from any data center application or cloud event source and trigger serverless functions. As cloud-native applications use serverless offerings in the cloud, TriggerMesh provides a declarative API and a set of tools to define event flows and functions that compose modern applications.

As part of their initiative to drive legacy and serverless offerings integration, TriggerMesh has also announced the open source release of the following Knative event sources via GitHub as well as a TriggerMesh Openshift operator: IBM MQ event source, VMware vSphere event source and Azure Event hub Channel controller.

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