Cloud native integration platform provider TriggerMesh has joined hands with Rancher Labs to automate application workflows built on Kubernetes.

The integration enables Kubernetes users to automate workflows between Amazon’s cloud services (CodeCommit, Cognito, DynamoDB, Kinesis,SNS, SQS) and Kubernetes.

TriggerMesh is claimed to integrate, automate, and accelerate cloud native applications to trigger workloads on one system from activities on another. For example, you can use our Sources from Amazon Web Services (SAWS) to trigger workloads on Rancher Kubernetes Engine. Or use our visual point-and-click interface to automate workflows between systems outside of Kubernetes.

Using TriggerMesh Cloud, Rancher Labs users can create application flows built on Kubernetes in the cloud or on-premises.

As a first step, TriggerMesh is making its AWS event sources available in the Rancher catalog to easily consume AWS events.

Alex Belak, Director of Strategic Alliances, Rancher Labs added: “Now available in the Rancher catalog, SAWS allows teams to quickly and easily consume events from their AWS services and send them to workloads running in Rancher clusters.”

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