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Truebit Verify Securely Connects Web3 Enterprise Applications With Real-World Systems


Truebit has announced a new verified computing platform specializing in enhancing functionality and interoperability of Web3 enterprise applications, extending capabilities beyond traditional blockchains. Truebit’s integration framework allows developers to read and write code to any API, deploy applications iteratively and quickly, optimize workflow, as well as improve security, data integrity and process transparency.

Truebit Verify leverages decentralization for developers to build applications that interact with multiple data sources, including blockchains, and verifiably execute complex code. By leveraging Truebit Verify, developers can secure the 99 percent of application logic that executes offchain. Developers can write code in familiar languages, deploy applications iteratively and quickly optimize their workflow.

Truebit Verify validates application data processed by external sources and provides portable certification. Features include:

  • Web3 Microservices – Truebit secures critical offchain code. Truebit Tasks are always-on, accessible from a standard REST interface, and ready to support an applications’ event-driven architecture.
  • Language Compatibility – Truebit Verify provides out-of-the box support for JavaScript, Rust, C++ and is extensible to any language supported by WebAssembly (Wasm).
  • Secure, Fast Execution – Truebit Verify’s Wasm architecture provides a fully isolated sandbox for safe execution of off-ledger tasks. Wasm’s compact footprint provides immediate availability of code across any of Truebit’s Nodes, enabling instant response times.
  • API Integration – Truebit Tasks can read and write data from public and private APIs while providing fully verified operations for any data transformations or calculations.
  • Cross-Blockchain Operations – Copy data and transfer assets between ledgers with rules and validation specifically tailored to an application’s needs. Truebit Verify provides a safe, neutral environment for execution of cross-chain code.
  • Continuous Verification – Multiple, independent Nodes automatically verify each task. Truebit verify ensures that the code written is the same as the code executed and that no one has altered the processing of task inputs.
  • Audit Trail – Each portable transcript certifies permanent evidence of task execution. Transcripts can be easily linked to ledger transactions, or can be used entirely off ledger to provide transparent audit trails.

Truebit Verify’s Integration Framework is being made available through an early access program.