Accelerated Strategies recently published a report providing deeper insights into what factors influence developers’ decisions when selecting a cloud infrastructure provider. Titled ‘Devops and the Alternative Cloud’, the report was commissioned by the leading alternative cloud provider Linode. To deep dive into this interesting report, we invited Charles Kolodgy, Analyst at the Accelerated Strategies Group, to our Let’s Talk show.

The cloud has become an integral part of any business and this report is aimed at exploring “what the developers think about infrastructure as a service or infrastructure cloud providers,” said Kolodgy. Contrary to other reports, this report targeted developers instead of managers or users to get a pulse of what drives their decision to go with a specific cloud provider, whether it be a hyperscaler or an alternative player like Linode.

He did mention that alternate cloud providers like Linode do offer better value for money as compared to hyperscalers as they specialize in certain areas. In addition to that, ‘trust’ also plays a very important role in decision making. The size of a company doesn’t necessarily build trust. In most cases, it’s the opposite as there is a risk of that behemoth locking you into its services or misuse your data. In contrast, alternative cloud providers work closely with its customers to help them leverage open source technologies and are more involved in their operations.

“I think that trust and engagement appeal to many people and organizations,” quipped Kolodgy.

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