TrustCloud, the Trust Assurance platform that uses AI to upgrade GRC into a profit center, has announced AI-powered Custom Frameworks, new evidence collection integrations, and an expanded API. According to the company, these new capabilities provide customers with the flexibility and efficiency to enhance their security posture, maximize time savings and enable collaboration at every stage of growth.

The new AI-powered Custom Frameworks offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to create custom compliance frameworks tailored to specific requirements. AI recommends new controls and policies, and maps existing ones to new frameworks, enabling organizations to rapidly meet their evolving needs – without costly consultants and labor-intensive framework development.

For all frameworks, evidence collection remains one of the most time-consuming and error-prone parts of the compliance process. Now, TrustCloud customers can instantly sync their compliance program to more than 100 of the most popular software systems including Snyk, DataDog and Jira, to power evidence collection and continuous control testing. Integrations are fueled by TrustCloud’s new and improved API, which can also be used to automate custom workflows and build integrations with an enterprise’s tools and systems, including on-premise software.

Sravish Sridhar, CEO and Founder of TrustCloud, said: “With our latest releases, TrustCloud customers can transform their legacy GRC programs and improve their security and privacy posture, allowing them to save time and money, support the sales process, and lower their financial and contractual liability. By using AI and APIs to create efficiencies, accelerate revenue and decrease risk and liabilities, TrustCloud upgrades GRC to a profit center.”

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