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U.S. Cyber Command Needs More Information Ops Trained Personnel


U.S. Cyber Command, the nation’s unified combatant command for the cyberspace domain, needs more information operations specialists at the organization.

According to a report by FedScoop, Gen. Paul Nakasone, the head of U.S. Cyber Command, recently told Congress that the organization uses information operations in each and every cyber mission to communicate a message to an adversary.

He added U.S. Cyber Command wants more information operations trained personnel and that’s one of the areas that he is working very closely with the services.

The report further said that while cyber operators are experts in networks, not information ops, the services have decided to align information ops specialists to work alongside cyber operators.

U.S. Army Cyber Command integrates and conducts cyberspace operations, electromagnetic warfare, and information operations, ensuring decision dominance and freedom of action for friendly forces in and through the cyber domain and the information dimension, while denying the same to our adversaries.