Upbound, the control plane company behind the popular open source project Crossplane, has announced the Upbound Partner Program to enable a rapidly growing ecosystem around cloud-native control planes. The new program enables partners with resources, technical expertise and support capabilities to deliver Crossplane-based development platforms built on Upbound.

Joint customers can benefit from an enterprise-ready platform designed to address infrastructure management challenges across technologies and vendors.

Technology partners play an essential role in the Crossplane ecosystem. In joining the program, partners are empowered to build Crossplane providers for the Upbound Marketplace, free and available for any user to find and install in their own Crossplane control planes. New Upbound Partner Providers expand the ecosystem of supported providers, authored and maintained by the partner and verified by Upbound as compatible with its products and services. Aviatrix created a new Partner Provider, enabling clients to incorporate their products with their platform confidently.

The partner ecosystem gets the expertise of the cloud-native Crossplane experts at Upbound with opportunities to access training and resources for building integrations and collaborating on sales and marketing activities.

Upbound has four partner tracks:

  • Technology Partners: Independent vendors can build, test and publish solution-level integrations of their products and services with the Upbound platform. Companies can work with Upbound for joint marketing opportunities. Upbound welcomes Ankasoft, Aviatrix, and VMware as its inaugural Technology Partners.
  • System Integrator Partners: These partners are trusted and experienced consultants and advisors that provide customized solutions to clients implementing modern IDPs. They can generate new revenue by addressing the growing need to help customers modernize their developer platforms. Accenture, Navteca, and 24×7 Systems are among Upbound’s System Integrator Partners.
  • Resellers: Upbound works with a global network of resellers to give customers a path to purchase products, services and support where it makes the most sense. Genpact, NextGen Systems, and Tech Mahindra are recent additions to the group.
  • Cloud Partners: Upbound partners with major cloud service providers to deliver well-integrated and optimized infrastructure using Upbound. Official Providers for Upbound’s supported cloud platforms, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Azure, are in the Upbound Marketplace.

Partners who have demonstrated market success with Upbound and Crossplane are eligible for go-to-market support. Upbound offers the ability to register opportunities for co-sell, field enablement, solution-level marketing and dedicated access to the partner team.

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