Businesses with specific self-managed needs, from air-gapped to in their own cloud environments, can benefit from using Upbound managed control planes now with improved scale, declarative APIs, and Git integration. Upbound, the control plane company behind the popular open source project Crossplane, has announced a new self-hosting feature of Upbound’s flagship product for platform teams to deploy managed control planes in their self-managed environments. Upbound brings Spaces to customers with rigorous compliance and data sovereignty requirements for their internal developer platforms (IDPs) and cloud-native Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC).

“Companies need to stop pushing and praying. Scripting-based approaches are inherently brittle–engineers worry, ‘Is this tiny change going to conflict with the 100 changes that others in my organization have made?’ The only solution is abstraction. Define your APIs, and have them managed continuously by a control plane. Control planes are a much better way to manage cloud-native resources and build fast, effective internal development platforms,” said Oren Teich, chief product officer at Upbound. “Upbound has unlocked a new level of opportunity for these technical teams to get the benefits of cloud-native control planes wherever they want, managed by us or in their own environments.”

With the addition of Spaces, organizations can now deploy managed control planes in any cloud provider or even on-premises and get the same benefits as the existing Upbound managed service while meeting compliance and security standards. Platform engineers get the following from Upbound:

  • “Run everywhere” control planes: With Upbound-managed and self-hosted options, managed control planes are more accessible to businesses with rigorous compliance and data sovereignty requirements. Spaces require no connectivity to Upbound, so platform teams have full control of their control plane environment’s data while still getting the ability to scale, automate and improve efficiency.
  • Decoupled control planes from Kubernetes clusters: Run multiple managed control planes in a Space and achieve superior utilization and bin-packing of your control plane hosting infrastructure. Spin up control planes in seconds without needing a new Kubernetes cluster for every control plane.
  • Declarative API: Use the Kubernetes-style declarative API to create new managed control planes in a Space.
  • Improved Git Integration: Available in alpha, teams define their APIs and use Git workflows to push changes to the control plane. Spaces will work with any Version Control Service, from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or other services that support Git auth.

Upbound is offered by a consumption pricing that scales according to the number of managed resources being actively reconciled across all of a customer’s control planes.

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