Upbound, the control plane company behind the popular open source project Crossplane, has announced the general availability of its managed control planes technology, enabling platform teams to power their internal developer platforms at scale.

As the first end-to-end experience built around the open source Crossplane project, Upbound’s architecture simplifies the build, deployment, and operational aspects of a cloud platform by including:

  • Fully managed control planes: A managed Crossplane control plane. Upbound auto-scales as more resources are added, reaching up to 100x more resources than a typical open source deployment of Crossplane today. Upbound automatically manages major and minor upgrades of core components on behalf of the user and offers backups with automatic snapshotting of platform state for disaster recovery.
  • Seamless git integration: Every control plane that runs on Upbound has a configuration whose source is defined in a git repo. With git-synced configurations supported on GitHub, platform teams can iterate on the definitions of their control plane’s APIs right in their git repo and push them to their control plane, all without needing to manage the build or deployment pipeline.
  • Upbound Console: With both an Operator Console and Control Plane Portal, platform teams have a single view of control planes managed and developers have a self-service experience. This leads to increased efficiency and shorter development time.
  • First Run Experience: Teams get started fast by bootstrapping a cloud platform in minutes and authenticating to external services with OpenID Connect (OIDC).

“Day-two” operations made easy: Platform Operators view control plane usage, manage operations, debug API calls flowing through their users’ control planes, and integrate with logging and monitoring solutions.

The building blocks that platform teams require to craft their cloud platforms with Crossplane can be easily found, used and added in the Upbound Marketplace.

Upbound is now available for a free trial.

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