U.S. and Estonian cyber commands recently conducted a defensive cyber-operation on Estonian Defence Forces’ networks to protect U.S. elections against foreign hacking.

The operation, designed to counter malicious cyber actors, strengthened the cyber defense capability of both nation’s critical assets.

Working together, cyber specialists from the U.S., referred to as “Hunt Forward” teams, and Estonian cyber personnel from Defense Forces Cyber Command, hunted for malicious cyber actors on critical networks and platforms.

For the U.S., Hunt Forward teams play a crucial role in U.S. Cyber Command’s “persistent engagement”, an effort aimed at countering malicious cyber activity below the level of warfare.

USCYBERCOM personnel are specially trained to secure and defend government networks and platforms against adversaries.

The U.S. had previously partnered with various countries throughout Europe, however, this defensive cyber operation marked the first of its kind between the U.S. and Estonia.

The operation lasted from September 23 to November 6 in Estonia.

The two countries have ongoing cooperation at various levels within USCYBERCOM, U.S. European Command, Maryland National Guard, and Sixteenth Air Force (U.S. Air Forces Cyber).

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