The Air Force Research Lab has awarded a contract to Silicon Valley-based Xage Security to introduce Blockchain-protected cybersecurity for space architecture resiliency.

The Xage Security Fabric, rooted in tamperproof blockchain technology, is claimed to be well suited to handle the diverse ecosystem of space and terrestrial assets deployed.

The solution enables the US Space Force (USSF) to enforce verification for any system access. It helps protect resources even when out of contact and ensures data can be trusted and protected from source until delivery to the operational units.

Also, Xage’s Enforcement Point solution provides granular identity-based access control for ground systems communicating with satellites with confidential payload protection.

Xage’s Dynamic Data Security offering can enforce fine grained access control and data control among applications, across both USSF and commercial assets, and between space and ground.

By protecting data across a diverse architecture, commercial operators, and multiple parties, the USSF can create trusted situational awareness in real time, and block various dangerous spoofing or command intrusion attacks.

Moreover, the Xage Fabric enables autonomous operation at the edge, providing security services regardless of connectivity status.

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