Upbound has announced an enterprise-grade distribution of Crossplane called Upbound Universal Crossplane (UXP). The company also took two core products – Upbound Cloud and Upbound Registry – out of beta and announced their general availability. In this episode of Let’s Talk, we sat down with Bassam Tabbara, Founder and CEO of Upbound, to learn more about these announcements.

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Bassam Tabbara is Founder and CEO of Upbound Inc., creator of the Rook and Crossplane projects hosted at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.[/su_note]

Upbound, is the creator of open source Crossplane — the modern, cloud native alternative to Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Upbound delivers a single point of control to manage all your applications and infrastructure across teams, tenants and clouds. We empower developers with self-service infrastructure to accelerate innovation.

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