IT and Cloud Solutions provider Varcons recently became an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with specific recognition as an AWS Public Sector Partner and AWS Public Sector Solution Provider.

Partners must demonstrate considerable ability to qualify for AWS APN Advanced Consulting Partner status. Varcons said that it had to undergo a thorough approval process to demonstrate its knowledge, experience, and customer success with AWS.

Varcons has developed Cloud7 Framework solutions for federal customers. Varcons’ Cloud7 framework accelerates cloud adoption without worrying about security or governance.

Varcons’ Cloud7 framework with self-service blueprints enables bundled cloud services to provide automated governance, security, advanced analytics, and billing analytics.

Varcons’ Cloud7 cost and billing framework offer information on overall cloud cost trends, cost by services, cost by storage type, cost by resources, cost burn-rate by project, etc. under a single dashboard.

The Cloud7 solution identifies forgotten, over-sized resources, and provides a recommendation to minimize usage costs across multiple accounts.

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