Vectra AI, the Security AI-driven hybrid cloud threat detection and response company, has announced Vectra Cloud Detection and Response works with Amazon Security Lake from AWS. As an AWS Security Competency Partner, Vectra’s support of Amazon Security Lake continues to advance its capabilities and proven customer success when further safeguarding AWS environments.

This empowers organizations by accessing Vectra’s Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence for customers worldwide using Amazon Security Lake, simplifying native support from the Vectra platform to Amazon Security Lake, and also consolidating data store to allow security teams standardized access to real threat data.

Vectra’s Security-AI driven Attack Signal Intelligence automates threat detection, triage, and prioritization for security operation center (SOC) teams. As organizations face ever-growing unknown cyber threats targeting on-premises and cloud infrastructure, SaaS applications and data and identity systems, SOC teams are challenged to keep pace. More attack surface to cover combined with more modern, evasive, and sophisticated attackers has resulted in more manual time spent maintaining detection rules, triaging alerts, and figuring out what alerts to prioritize – resulting in analyst fatigue and burnout. Vectra’s Security AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence frees security analysts of these everyday manual and mundane tasks and arms them to do what they do best – investigate and respond to real attacks.

Core to the Vectra platform, Vectra Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services and the expanding Vectra ecosystem, Attack Signal Intelligence empowers security analysts to think like an attacker with AI-driven detections that go beyond signatures and anomalies to understand attacker behavior and zero in on attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) across the cyber kill chain.

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