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Vendia Raises $15.5M In Series A Funding, Launches Vendia Share


Vendia, a serverless, distributed data and code sharing platform, has announced a $15.5M Series A funding round. The Series A round, which comes six months after its initial $5.1M seed round, was led by Canvas Ventures, with participation from BMW Capital, Sorenson Ventures, and seed stage investors.

With its Series A investment, Vendia is now fast tracking its go-to-market strategies, new sales channels, and growing its engineering teams to expand the Vendia platform across new cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

The company has also released a free preview of Vendia Share for developers.

Vendia is opening its data and code sharing platform to all developers at no cost, making multi-region, multi-account, multi-owner distributed applications on AWS as quick and easy to create as making a new database table.

In less than a week, developers can use Vendia Share to build applications that allow multiple clients to query, update, and share data in real time with full ACID semantics, even when they span accounts, regions, owners, or technology stacks.

Vendia Share further simplifies application development with built-in support for web and mobile applications through automatically generated GraphQL APIs, fine-grained authorization and identity solutions out of the box, and code-free integration support for AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, and other cloud services.

In addition, Vendia Virtual Data Lake will be available soon for powering machine learning on multi-party, multi cloud data sets.

Vendia was founded by Dr. Tim Wagner, formerly General Manager and creator of Lambda at AWS, and Shruthi Rao, formerly Head of Business Development for Blockchain at AWS.