Verizon and Dreamscape Immersive have entered into an alliance aimed at innovating virtual reality (VR) applications using 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC). The partnership’s first priorities will focus on 5G immersive-learning and training innovations for use in enterprise, public sector, and education environments.

As Dreamscape’s official 5G innovation partner, Verizon has taken an equity stake in Dreamscape through Verizon Ventures, joining a list of Dreamscape investors and partners across entertainment, education, and government.

Verizon and Dreamscape Learn, a partnership between Dreamscape and Arizona State University, will work together to innovate immersive VR learning experiences for various education levels and environments. To accelerate these advances, Dreamscape and Verizon will also form a dedicated innovation lab to incubate 5G- and MEC-enabled VR-learning applications.

Outside of the classroom, Verizon and Dreamscape will collaborate to develop and market avatar-driven synthetic training and simulation experiences for government and specialized professional learning uses.

According to the company, the experiences will combine Verizon’s 5G capabilities and Dreamscape’s ADEPT (Avatar Driven Educational and Practical Training) Platform, which leverages Dreamscape’s proprietary tracking and rendering technologies, to deliver vivid and life-like VR scenarios.

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