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vFunction Launches Architectural Observability Manager To Address Architectural Technical Debt


vFunction, the continuous modernization platform, has announced Architectural Observability Manager (AO), the first application modernization solution to continuously manage and remediate architectural technical debt. Manifested by slow engineering velocity, diminished innovation, and limited scalability, architectural technical debt is a result of the accumulation of architectural decisions and implementations over time that has led to high software complexity, cost, and numerous business disasters.

According to the 2023 Gartner research report, Measure and Monitor Technical Debt With 5 Types of Tools, “by 2026, 80% of technical debt will be architectural technical debt.” vFunction Architectural Observability Manager enables organizations to address architectural technical debt by empowering architects with detailed visibility and context into an existing application’s architecture.

This enables them to profile and baseline how an application is architected, identify domains and cross-domain pollution, and collect observable dynamic operational and static data.

“Until now, architects lacked the tools to track architectural drift and help their organizations to successfully measure, monitor, and fix technical debt,” said Moti Rafalin, CEO of vFunction. “Architectural meltdowns and technical debt disasters have become all too commonplace – technology leaders must move to a continuous modernization culture where software architects, developers, and engineering leaders are armed with architectural observability tools to find and fix these problems.”