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Virtual Booths, Keynotes, Talks & Press Room


Virtual Booth, Keynotes, Talks & Press Room

Many major open source events have been canceled, postponed or went virtual due to COVID-19. The whole community invested resources into preparing for these events. Companies planned booths, sales pitches, keynotes, talks, demonstrations, and so on.

Your efforts won’t go to waste. We are creating an online platform that will create these resources for you, which your target audience can access on demand from one of the largest online video platforms. We have a 17,000-strong loyal subscriber base on YouTube. This can be YOUR audience.

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Here is what we are offering:

Virtual Booth

The dedicated landing page will host virtual booths of companies that will showcase appealing visuals and logos.

Each participating company/project will get a dedicated virtual booth with the following resources:

  • Sales pitch video: what they tell visitors when they come to their booth
  • Videos of the technologies they will be demonstrating at the event.

Virtual Press Room

Each participating company/project will get a dedicated press room with the following resources:

  • Video interviews with their top-level executives
  • Company announcements and press releases
  • Contact form for business queries and feedback

Keynotes & Talks

  • Videos tech talks that the company planned for the event. (maximum length of a talk is 30 minutes)

As part of the package, we will provide media consultation to the participants to help them record the videos and talks. We will edit and produce all video content to ensure professional quality.


  • A perpetual on-demand resource for the community to benefit from the talks and tech content.
  • A perpetual on-demand marketing content for companies and communities.
  • A great platform to fall back on, in situations like COVID-19.
  • All videos will be published on our YouTube channel that has over 17,000 subscribers.

Booth Cost: All virtual booth services and resources, including video production, are available at competitive pricing:

Booth Level Platinum Gold Silver
$5000 $4000 $2000
Virtual Booth 1 1 1
Intro Video 1 1 1
Demo Video 1 1 1
Let’s Talk Interview 3 2
Tech Talks 3 2
Contact Box Yes Yes Yes

Sponsorship Form: Please fill this form if you are interested in becoming a sponsor and we will get in touch. Or just drop me a line at ‘[email protected]’.