AI and data exploration company Virtualitics has raised $37 million in a Series C financing round led by Smith Point Capital with participation from Citi and advisory clients of The Hillman Company, among other investors.

The new investment comes at a time of rapid growth and accelerating momentum for Virtualitics, including significant growth in both its public sector and key commercial segments. Bolstering their momentum over the last 12 months, Virtualitics has successfully acquired seven new customers across the Department of Defense and increased customer acquisition in the Financial Services and CPG markets.

Virtualitics’ AI-powered analytical capabilities empower data scientists and business users to make informed strategic decisions at an accelerated pace. The Intelligent Exploration platform’s advanced AI technology allows users to make queries in natural language, explore extremely complex datasets, uncover critical insights, and generate multi-dimensional network graph visualizations. Its patented VR/AR capabilities also enable real-time collaboration across multiple users and locations.

“We knew we wanted a strategic relationship with our lead investor, not merely capital,” said Michael Amori, CEO and co-founder of Virtualitics. “Smith Point’s operational expertise in enterprise software has been – and will continue to be – invaluable as we accelerate growth and innovation. This additional funding and strategic guidance will enable Virtualitics to realize our vision to empower organizations to solve complex, mission-critical problems with artificial intelligence, data exploration and prescriptive business workflows.”

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