The latest release of Vitess, that is version 3.0, is here. A major upgrade from Vitess 2.2, the latest version is built using “pure” go 1.11. It supports MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB 10.3.

With Vitess 3.0, you can expect simplified db parameters for vttablet, formal support for externally managed mysql and more tutorials including how to run Vitess with Minikube.

It also features Prometheus monitoring and performance improvements, which includes Snappier InitShardMaster and PlannedReparentShard, improved coordination with Orchestrator, vtbench for benchmarking, MySQL protocol performance improvements, faster reparents, and 4X faster parallelized backups.

Other highlights include VReplication and improvements to resharding.
Vitess has always been able to consume the MySQL binary replication log, apply sharding logic to it, and use it for transparent resharding. Now the Vitess community has taken the same functionality and made it composable so that it can be used for cross-shard materialized views. This enables roll-ups and aggregates, in quasi-real time (of the order of replication lag).

Get more details here.

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