VMware has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire security vendor Mesh7, for an undisclosed sum. Once the deal closes, VMware Tanzu Service Mesh along with Mesh7’s API Security Mesh will enable customers to more effectively deploy distributed services and application layer security for modern cloud applications.

“With VMware plus Mesh7, VMware will be able to deliver modern application connectivity services that enable a developer experience that leads to more secure operations. Once the deal closes, the integration of Mesh7’s contextual API behavior security solution with Tanzu Service Mesh will enable VMware to deliver high fidelity understanding of which applications components are talking to which using APIs,” Tom Gillis, VMware SVP and GM of the Networking and Security Business Unit, said in a blog post.

Gillis added that VMware is seeing increased demand for a fully integrated API + service mesh product with Envoy as the foundation. The exact same Envoy architecture used in the initial service mesh use case can also control how one application can talk to another application via APIs.

“Mesh7 has developed a contextual API behavior security solution based on Envoy that better protects modern cloud-native applications. Mesh7 technology helps customers improve application resiliency and reliability and reduce blind spots through the integration of deep Layer 7 insights with cloud, host, and reputation data,” said Gillis.

The Mesh7 solution addresses observability, security, and compliance for cloud-native, API-based, and other distributed applications.

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