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VMware Brings Public Cloud Benefits To Datacenters With Equinix Metal


Guests: Narayan Bharadwaj (LinkedIn, Twitter) | Zac Smith (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: VMware (Twitter) | Equinix (Twitter)

At the VMware Explore 2022 Europe, Equinix and VMware announced the expansion of their global relationship by introducing VMware Cloud on Equinix Metal.

VMware Cloud is the home for all applications, traditional applications, modern applications. VMware already has very successful partnerships with leading public cloud providers,” said Narayan Bharadwaj, VP of Cloud Solutions at VMware. However, the reality is that many enterprise customers are still running their applications in their data centers and have not migrated to the public cloud.

These applications need all of those enterprise capabilities, the public cloud agility, the low latency support that many applications desire, while benefiting from data sovereignty by living in their private data centers.

That’s where this partnership comes into picture. Through Equinix Metal, VMware Cloud is able to offer “the benefits of the public cloud along with all of the guarantees of the private cloud, the assurance, the enterprise nature of what we do in the data centers, all together into one solution,” said Bharadwaj. It is able to bring its much loved technology, control plane, and the enterprise guarantees to more customers and locations.

Zac Smith, Head of Edge Infrastructure at Equinix, concurs, “With Equinix Metal, which is our automated bare-metal-as-a-service platform at Equinix locations globally linked to our interconnection ecosystem, we’re able to give this kind of digital infrastructure substrate and pair that with the VMware Cloud experience to have an end-to-end operated platform for this distributed cloud need.”

Check out this episode of Let’s Talk as we dive deep into the details and benefits of this expanded relationship between VMware and Equinix.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.