VMware has launched a new solution called VMware Modern Apps Connectivity that brings together the advanced capabilities of Tanzu Service Mesh and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Networks) to address today’s unique enterprise challenges.

According to the company, the VMware Modern Apps Connectivity solution offers a rich set of integrated application delivery services through unified policies, monitoring, visualizations, and observability. These services include enterprise-grade L4 load balancing, ingress controller, global load balancing (GSLB), web application security, integrated IPAM and DNS, end-to-end service visibility and encryption, and an extensible policy framework for intelligent traffic management and security.

Through the integrated solution, operators can centrally manage end-to-end application traffic routing, resiliency, and security policies via Tanzu Service Mesh.

Moreover, this solution speeds the path to app modernization with connectivity and better security across hybrid environments and hybrid app architectures.

It is built on cloud-native principles and enables a set of important use-cases that automates the process of connecting, observing, scaling, and better-securing applications across multi-site environments and clouds.

The VMware Modern App Connectivity solution works with VMware Tanzu, Amazon EKS, and upstream Kubernetes today, and is in preview with Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure AKS, and Google GKE.

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