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VMware To Deliver Google Cloud’s AlloyDB Omni Database On VMware Cloud Foundation


VMware and Google Cloud have announced an expanded partnership to deliver Google Cloud’s AlloyDB Omni database on VMware Cloud Foundation, starting with on-premises private clouds. The combination of AlloyDB Omni, a PostgreSQL-compatible database that runs anywhere and offers built-in support for generative AI, and the highly performant, more secure, reliable VMware Cloud Foundation, will enable enterprises to modernize their more demanding databases and applications.

The solution will allow customers to simplify their management of PostgreSQL, modernize their existing databases, and help accelerate their Al journey with a powerful, proven platform for building transformative generative AI applications.

Mutual customers deploying VMware Private AI will be able to bring compute capacity and AI models to where enterprise data is created, processed, and consumed, and also leverage the innovative capabilities of AlloyDB AI, which offers an integrated set of capabilities for easily building enterprise generative AI applications. AlloyDB AI is built into AlloyDB Omni to run vector queries up to 10x faster compared to standard PostgreSQL, generate vector embeddings from within the database, and access Google Cloud’s state of the art AI models on Vertex AI.

Combining VMware Cloud Foundation and AlloyDB Omni will provide:

  • Superior performance and scalability: AlloyDB Omni’s improved read and write scaling and integrated columnar engine provide excellent performance on vSAN. In our performance tests, AlloyDB Omni is more than 2x faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads, and delivers up to 100x faster analytical queries than standard PostgreSQL1.
    Enterprise-class infrastructure: VMware Cloud Foundation simplifies, automates, and better secures database infrastructure. Advanced capabilities like VMware vSAN’s high performance, scalability, availability, and instant cloning make VMware Cloud Foundation ideal for running AlloyDB Omni.
  • Simplified management: VMware Data Services Manager simplifies the management of data services and will have workflows that integrate with AlloyDB Omni to automate database patching, backups, scaling, and replication with minimal training for customer personnel.
  • Developer-friendly consumption: User self-service enabled by VMware Data Services Manager will allow application teams to create, consume, and scale AlloyDB Omni instances in minutes to develop and run apps at scale on VMware Cloud infrastructure.
  • Google-powered AI capabilities: VMware Cloud customers can smoothly build enterprise-grade applications with AlloyDB AI, an integral part of AlloyDB Omni. Customers will be able to utilize a familiar PostgreSQL interface for working with vectors, models, and data with access to Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s ML platform that helps customers build generative AI applications quickly.

The integrations of AlloyDB Omni with VMware Data Services Manager and vSAN are currently in Technology Preview. Customers can apply for the Early Access Program here.