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Voltron Data, DataStax Join Hands For Improved Interoperability Between Arrow And Astra DB


Voltron Data, the largest corporate contributor to Apache Arrow, has joined hands with DataStax, the real-time data company, to help organizations accelerate the impact of intelligence from real-time applications. As a result of the partnership, the companies will strengthen the interoperability between Arrow and DataStax’s Astra DB, Astra Streaming and DataStax Enterprise products to improve the quality of real-time data intelligence as well as reduce the time to insights.

Together, Voltron Data and DataStax are bridging the Cassandra and Arrow ecosystems to accelerate real-time applications. Through this engineering collaboration, end-users will be able to build Arrow-native analytics applications on DataStax’s Astra DB, DataStax Enterprise and Astra Streaming easier than before.

As part of the partnership, data managed in the DataStax’s stack will become available and ready to use by analytical platforms or machine learning models in the Arrow format, with the scale and low latency DataStax is known for.

Arrow data sets that are based on the potentially large volume of extremely recent data are ideal for driving improved insights and decisions that are accurate and relevant. Analytical platforms can identify any change in the data faster, preventing influencing the wrong decisions downstream. Similarly, machine learning models can learn faster and adapt to any change, driving the right decisions when executed on real-time data.

DataStax’s open data stack can be fueled with Arrow datasets to reduce the time for these insights to be exposed to applications via APIs or pushed to relevant applications via events.