Voltron Data, one of the significant contributors to Apache Arrow, has announced its first commercial offering – the Voltron Enterprise Subscription for Arrow – for companies building with Arrow. Launching with several paying customers, it supports both new and existing Arrow users by providing exclusive access to features that will enhance the way companies build enterprise applications.

According to Voltron Data, the Voltron Enterprise Subscription for Arrow is tailored to companies eager to future-proof their investment in building and running applications that depend on Arrow.

Benefits include: On-demand assistance from the team of leading Arrow developers at Voltron Data, Simplified issue reporting and faster fixes to drive greater business value, Delivery of custom upgrade guidance along with urgent security bulletins, Rapid hotfixes when critical vulnerabilities are identified and Direct access to leaders within the Arrow project and services only available to Voltron Data customers.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of Voltron Data launching with $110 million in seed and Series A funding to accelerate the next generation of analytical computing systems and actively grow the Arrow project for all users.

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