Weaveworks, the GitOps company, has announced the general availability of Weave GitOps 2022.03, the full-stack GitOps platform to automate trusted application delivery and secure infrastructure operations on premise, in the cloud and at the edge. The latest release embeds policy as code capabilities within Weave GitOps, enabling applications teams to safely deploy and manage applications continuously for faster innovation, agility, and competitive advantage.

The 2022.03 Weave GitOps release integrates DevSecOps into application CI/CD pipelines. Trusted application delivery features continuous security and compliance through the integration of policy as code into the GitOps pipelines, deployment guardrails which guarantee the highest level of governance and compliance while maintaining the highest deployment frequency, custom policy application to allow users to decide where and how policies are applied based on environment, workload, geography or other criteria, multi-layered protection, as well as continuous compliance monitoring.

Weave GitOps Core – the free and open source extension for Flux – has been enhanced with an application observability UI. It shows the Flux system’s health, and the status of workloads that are being deployed using GitOps. Existing Flux users can install the UI using a simple upgrade process.

Other enhancements in this Weave GitOps release include multiple improvements to accelerate self-service and velocity for application operations. Customers can use the profile catalog to define common services that are available for development teams to deploy: for example specific databases, tools or Kubernetes extensions.

As part of the cluster deployment process, these extensions can be set as required installations to ensure that standards are being followed: for example requiring security tools to be deployed in all clusters. Layered profiles allow complex deployments of entire application stacks for self-service application platforms.

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