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Weaveworks Acquires Magalix To Automate Kubernetes Application And Infrastructure Operations


Weaveworks, the GitOps company, has announced the acquisition of cloud-native security startup Magalix for an undisclosed sum. With this acquisition, Weaveworks is raising the bar on secure DevOps. By bringing Magalix’s powerful policy as code to Weave GitOps, Weaveworks will further its vision of automating Kubernetes application and infrastructure operations. Secure GitOps pipelines throughout the entire software life cycle are imperative for resilient cloud native service delivery that accelerates innovation, speed and agility.

Magalix was founded in 2017, focusing on security-as-code for teams running cloud-native applications. Weaveworks plans to fully integrate Magalix into Weave GitOps Enterprise, delivering end-to-end Kubernetes security, enhanced visibility and resilience across the entire cloud native life cycle in hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and edge environments.

Magalix’s policy engine enables DevOps teams to apply consistent policies and best practices across multiple Kubernetes environments. Customers can now bridge the gap between developers, DevOps and security teams by introducing developer guardrails.

Also, Magalix’s KubeGuard agent ensures any runtime drift is detected and automatically remediated. Customers are assured that policies are being enforced across all deployments and are immediately aware of any violations. Magalix simplifies DevSecOps and enables cloud-native environments to be more intrinsically secure, by integrating directly into source, build and deployment stages of the software lifecycle.