Dave Nicolette, Programmer and Chair of Open Mainframe Project‘s COBOL Check, explains what lies in store for COBOL Check in the future. This year, they would like to finish building out the functionality that had been in the original prototype. They are looking to incorporate feedback from developers who have been using the prototype. The aim is to have a usable, realistic version 1.0 that can be released. Work is also underway to develop a VS Code Extension to enable programmers to run their tests and see the results from inside rof VS Code. Nicolette explains further that the implementation is as a standalone program, as the main aim is to be able to plug it into a CI/CD pipeline. Nicolette discusses COBOL Check’s roadmap in further detail in this video.

Guest: Dave Nicolette
Projects: COBOL Check | Open Mainframe Project (Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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