Guest: Austin Parker (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Lightstep (Twitter)
Show: To The Point
Keyword: DevOps

The idea behind DevOps has not changed over time. If you write a code, you are responsible for it. You just don’t throw it across the wall for someone else to take care of it. “You are  implicitly responsible for running that code, for operationalizing it for production and for handling things like security,” says Austin Parker, Head of Developer Relations at Lightstep. “DevOps is about how we bring these development teams, developers, into a place where they can move faster.”

About Austin Parker: Austin Parker is the Head of Developer Relations at Lightstep, and has been creating problems with computers for most of his life. He’s a maintainer of the OpenTelemetry project, the host of several podcasts, organizer of Deserted Island DevOps, infrequent Twitch streamer, conference speaker, and more.

About Lightstep: Lightstep’s mission is to provide clarity and confidence to the teams that build and operate the software that powers our daily lives. Founded by ex-Googlers, the cutting-edge observability platform gives engineers quick insight into how changes in their applications and infrastructure affect their end-users and their business.

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