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What Is VMware Anywhere Workspace?


How VMware Workspace is keeping companies operational in the post-pandemic world…

The landscape of operations has drastically changed in the post-pandemic world of business. Interestingly, 2020 was a pivotal year for VMware, primarily because the technology stack the company provides has always supported remote work. But before the pandemic, remote work was occasional. This past year turned remote work into a necessity for many companies.

VMware took this opportunity to work with organizations across the world to find out how they could empower their employees to function remotely with a much-needed level of security and efficiency. It also became quite obvious this had to be done at scale. To make this happen, the company had to address questions like How do I enable remote work? How do I assign devices? How do I allow employees to use their own devices if I can’t ship a device to them in a timely fashion? How do I make sure that network connectivity is performant and secure?

Thus was born VMware Anywhere Workspace, which brings together VMware Workspace ONE, VMware SASE, and VMware Carbon Black Cloud to empower organizations to manage multi-modal employee experience, better secure a company’s distributed edge, and automate the workspace.

According to Renu Upadhyay, Vice President of Product and Technical Marketing, End-User Computing at VMware, the company put together a unique combination of solutions and technologies (such as unified endpoint management, virtual desktops, and apps) to create VMware Anywhere Workspace. To this, Upadhyay says, VMware had to address several important questions, such as “So if I allow my employees to work from home, are they really working? If I allow my employees to work from home, are they really using the very expensive laptop I bought for them for work, right? Or what are the different kinds of applications they are downloading on those devices?”

VMware saw the thing that kept businesses going through the past year was technology and how employees no longer had immediate access to IT departments to fix hardware problems. This is where VMware Anywhere Workspace comes into the picture and helps solve numerous issues, such as infrastructure, employee, and security management, quips Upadhyay.