Stark & Wayne is one of the leading specialists of the cloud-native world who has been helping users with Cloud Foundry since its inception. Now with the growing adoption of Kubernetes, Stark & Wayne has evolved to bring its expertise to the Kubernetes community.

In this special episode of Let’s Talk for KubeCon EU, we hosted two guests from Stark & Wayne, Brian Seguin (Chief Operating Officer) and James Hunt (Director of Research and Development) to talk about the lessons learned from 8 years with Cloud Foundry and how it’s bringing those lessons to Kubernetes.

We started the conversation with our typical discussion that it’s never about Cloud Foundry vs Kubernetes, but it’s Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. “Cloud Foundry solves one of the biggest problems facing application developers and Kubernetes solves the biggest problems facing operations staff,” said Hunt. “We believe in a better together story where people use both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes with an eye towards increasing velocity for deployment, delivery and so on.”

What are those lessons? How is Stark & Wayne helping users move between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes? What challenges do customers face and how do they overcome them? It’s a very interesting topic that neither Cloud Foundry nor Kubernetes folks would want to miss.

Stark & Wayne designs and implements cloud native architectures and helps teams develop internal best practices around cloud native, agile, and open source. We are senior technologists with decades of experience using cloud native, agile methodologies, and open source technologies to help enterprises gain competitive IT capabilities, and are major contributors to open source projects including Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, BOSH.

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