Marcin Kolny, Senior SDE of Prime Video, published a blog post that stirred the cloud-native community and set Twitter and Blogosphere on fire. Pavel Despot, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Akamai, joined me to demystify some of the myths you may be reading. Firstly, Despot commends Amazon Prime team for releasing the blog, adding that Amazon Prime is an edge case, it’s not what everyone is using microservices for,  “there are times when you realize that you’re breaking that torque wrench and you either need a bigger wrench or some other kind of tool in general,” he says. That’s exactly what the Amazon Prime team did. They pulled the bigger wrench, in this case monolith from their tool box. 

Despot adds that this is a great lesson for companies to realize that every technology has its own place and they should carefully evaluate them instead of rushing after the market trends. 

Should you dump your microservices and move to monoliths? You should check out the discussion in the video above to see if the age of microservices is over and if monoliths are coming back. 

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