Congress is all set to establish a Senate-confirmed national cyber director within the White House, according to a CyberScoop report.

The national cyber director would advise the president on cyber strategy, defensive cyber operations, and coordinate the federal government’s related work on cyber issues and crises management.

The recommendation for the new White House czar position came from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission.

The group recommended that the national cyber director would be housed within the Executive Office of the President and have budget and policy authority to coordinate cyber policy across the federal government, Fifth Domain earlier said in a report.

“While cyberspace has transformed the American economy and society, the government has not kept up. Existing government structures and jurisdictional boundaries fracture cyber policymaking processes, limit opportunities for government action, and impede cyber operations. Rapid, comprehensive improvements at all levels of government are necessary to change these dynamics and ensure that the U.S. government can protect the American people, their way of life, and America’s status as a global leader,” the Cyberspace Solarium Commission report said.

President Donald Trump had earlier opposed the creation of the national cyber director position.

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