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Why Companies Need To Have SLO Strategy In Place | Brian Singer, Nobl9


Nobl9 helps software developers, DevOps practitioners, and reliability engineers deliver reliable software faster through the Nobl9 Service Level Objective Platform. It creates SLOs that link monitoring and other logging and tracing data to user happiness and business KPIs.

This week the company made a big splash with $21M Series B funding. We invited Brian Singer, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Nobl9, to talk about some of the latest developments at the company.

Here are some of the topics that we covered in this interview:

  • This is the second time we are hosting Singer. He reminded us what Nobl9 is all about.
  • Last week Nobl9 announced its Service Level Objective aka SLO Platform. What exactly is SLO and what role does it play in software reliability?
  • We then talked about the Nobl9 Service Level Objective Platform that was announced last week.
  • We deep-dived into the tech aspect of the platform and how it allows users to integrate other open-source and cloud-native technologies they want to use?
  • We had a discussion around software reliability, which is critical to business continuity.
  • We then talked about the big news – the $21 million Series B funding round.