I sat down with Anne Bertucio, community manager of Kata Containers at the OpenStack Foundation. In this interview, we talked about the need for Kata Containers, some use-cases and whether users are using them in production. We also talked about some of the challenges people face while using Kata Containers.

You can watch the full interview on Youtube.

Here is the table of content:

00:17 What do you do at the OpenStack Foundation?
00:36:11 What was the need for Kata Containers
01:34 Use cases of Kata containers
02:48 Production vs Development
03:30 How does Kata container fit into OpenStack Landscape
04:23 What’s going on with OpenStack Foundation
05:14 Naming of OpenStack Projects
06:37 Governance model of Kata
08:00 Learn from old mistakes
09:11 Focus of Kata Container
10:04 Challenges
11:00 Hobbies

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