In this episode of Let’s Talk, we hosted John Platt, VP, Machine Learning at StormForge, to discuss a report by the company that points at a growing global problem of cloud waste.

“With the move to the public cloud, cloud waste is going out of control. It has a major impact on enterprises leading to lower profitability, reduced competitiveness, and also carries reputational risk for IT organizations inside large enterprises, making them seem wasteful and inefficient,” quipped Platt.

We covered a wide range of topics in this discussion; primarily the factors that lead to cloud waste and the real impact it has on businesses, security and efficiency of operations. Of course, cost is a big factor, but there are many other factors that organizations should be aware of as well.

We also talked about the ways organizations can contain their cloud waste and use resources more efficiently.

Guest: John Platt
Company: StormForge
Topics: Cloud Computing

About Company: Addressing cloud waste seems to be a big focus among enterprises, largely due to Kubernetes. To that end, StormForge.io recently surveyed IT directors and managers for organizations representing more than $5B in revenue on their cloud waste.

About Guest: For the past five years, John Platt has served as VP, Machine Learning as well as Lead Data Scientist at StormForge (formerly Carbon Relay). John has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.


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