This is a conversation with Dimitris Vassos, CEO and Founder, Omilia about conversational AI and how companies can integrate these technologies into their own solution for better customer experience and relationships.

Some of the key topics that we discussed:

  • What problem did Vassos saw in the market that he created Omilia?
  • What is conversational AI all about
  • Today companies are serving a global audience so there is a new set of challenges to understand the use of language and nuances by these people from all over the world.
  • Why would people choose AI-powered conversation over a real person
  • Do I need to be a massive scale company to leverage Omilia’s AI technologies?
  • How can a customer integrate Omilia technology with its own stack?

Highlight: Today most customers, including me, want to skip the automated system and want to talk to a real person when making calls to companies because they don’t trust the automated systems that have been around so far. Customers don’t feel that the system will understand what they’re asking for, or they don’t feel comfortable expressing what they really want from the company. Omilia is changing that with its conversational AI. Vassos said that he has seen 93-year-old people using the system effortlessly and also saying ‘thank you’ at the end of the conversation.

“For me, it’s a very important validation that not only the technology works very well, it works universally across different age groups even on very senior citizens. And it works so well that it also compels people to say thank you at the end for the service they received,” said Vassos.

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