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Without Observability, There Is No DevOps, DevSecOps, SREs Or CI/CD | Austin Parker – Lightstep


Observability is seen as the bedrock, the foundation of the modern stack. Without observability, you don’t have any DevOps, DevSecOps, SREs or CI/CD. “We need to start thinking how we can design our systems with observability as a base layer that is underpinning security, reliability, chaos engineering, continuous integration, and so on,” said Austin Parker, Principal Developer Advocate – Lightstep, in the latest episode of TFiR Let’s Talk.

We talked about a wide range of topics, including the upcoming Deserted Island DevOps conference. Here are some of the topics that we discussed in this episode: what is the importance of observability, not just from the point of view of moving fast, but also security and having a holistic video of your stack?

Is there a cultural change needed to help companies embrace observability or it’s all about just technology? Is Austin seeing any positive trends towards the adoption of observability practices? We also talked about the open-source project OpenTelemetry that Austin maintains. I hope you will enjoy the discussion. If you do, please do subscribe to our daily newsletter so you don’t miss out on great stories like these delivered straight into your inbox.

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Austin Parker has been solving – and creating – problems with computers and technology for most of his life. He is the Principal Developer Advocate at Lightstep, maintainer on the OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry projects, and the co-author of Distributed Tracing in Practice published by O’Reilly Media.[/su_note]

Lightstep’s mission is to provide clarity and confidence to the teams that build and operate the software that powers our daily lives. The cutting-edge observability platform gives engineers quick insight into how changes in their applications and infrastructure affect their end-users and their business.