GitOps creator Weaveworks has announced the availability of release 2.4 of Weave Kubernetes Platform (WKP). With WKP 2.4, customers can add GitOps to any Kubernetes cluster, without reprovisioning clusters first.

The git-based management of cluster components, team workspaces and observability makes it simple for organizations with existing Kubernetes estates to migrate to GitOps.

According to the company, the release of the production-ready WKP 2.4 is the critical link to scaling GitOps across organizations of any size, supporting fleet-scale 5G and other edge deployments.

WKP includes a new version of Team Workspaces, so enterprise teams can segment responsibility, enforce change control policies, and work together while increasing velocity and decreasing errors and governance overhead.

WKP enables git-based workflows that provide clear change control and audit logs. Devops teams that use familiar git workflows decrease the time from code to production.

Team workspaces make it easy to deploy the same application into many different clusters even across cloud and hybrid environments. Cluster operators can assign a team to workspaces in multiple clusters, allowing change deployments across the fleet via git.

The segmented access feature facilitates coordination between multiple development and operations teams across large organizations.

WKP 2.4 uses the cluster lifecycle management API (CAPI) to enable Kubernetes installation across all major target environments and supports GitOps for on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud kubernetes clusters.

Further, WKP 2.4 includes a new CAPI provider “CAPEI” (Cluster API for Existing Infrastructure) that leverages existing provisioning systems (e.g. Terraform) to install kubernetes cluster management on pre-provisioned machines.

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