[su_note note_color=”#e4e4e4″ text_color=”#000″ class=”hvr-grow”] JFrog is on a “Liquid Software” mission to enable the flow of software updates seamlessly and securely from the developer’s keystrokes to production. JFrog’s end-to-end, Universal, Hybrid DevOps Platform provides the tools and visibility required by modern software development organizations to fully embrace the power of DevOps.[/su_note]

JFrog recently announced that its DevOps Platform tools – JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray – are available with native deployment templates for customers using AWS GovCloud (US) and Azure Government clouds. To deep dive into this announcement, we hosted Casey O’Mara, Vice President of Business Development and Global Alliances – JFrog.

Many of JFrog’s customers want to deploy into the regions that fall within the scope of regulated industry, while many others simply want to secure their IP and put their workloads in a more secure location. “These government clouds have the heightened regulations and now our users are able to take Artifactory and Xray and deploy into those regions using BYOL (bring your own license) and run their workloads there,” said O’Mara.

Here is the outline of our discussion:

• Let’s talk about this announcement
• How unique are the requirements for government agencies as compared to the private sector?
• What is the problem that you are solving for government agencies?
• Why is DevSecOps important to government agencies?
• What are the key benefits for customers?
• What DevOps trends do you see impacting government agencies in 2021?

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