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ZEDEDA Announces Cloud-Based Orchestration Solution For The Distributed Edge

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ZEDEDA has announced direct integration with Kubernetes to simplify remote deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters on edge nodes at scale. ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution has a simple and intuitive UI along with comprehensive APIs that abstract all the complexities of provisioning Kubernetes clusters at the distributed edge, automating cluster bring-up on target edge nodes within minutes.

With a few clicks or API calls, administrators without specialized IT skills can deploy Kubernetes clusters in the field and remotely manage the entire lifecycle of both their Kubernetes runtime and the underlying hardware at scale.

The solution integrates with customers’ existing CI/CD workflow, features a Zero Trust security architecture and supports any combination of virtual machines (VMs) and native Docker containers.

In addition to supporting the choice of Kubernetes runtime distribution, ZEDEDA’s enablement of VMs on edge nodes enables deployment of any combination of legacy Windows-based applications (e.g., SCADA, HMI, Historian, VMS, POS), monolithic Linux-based images, and other popular container runtimes such as Docker/Moby, Azure IoT Edge and AWS Greengrass.

Working with a leading oil and gas services company, ZEDEDA and SUSE have recently enabled an edge solution that consolidates existing SCADA software with NFV capability and other functionality on compute clusters within their trucks to optimize monitoring of oil wells through wireline analytics.

SUSE’s K3s runtime is now available in ZEDEDA’s built-in app marketplace, ready for bulk deployment on edge computing clusters with a few clicks.