Zephyr Project, an open source project at the Linux Foundation, continues to gain momentum with its 5th anniversary this year. To celebrate the milestone, the Project recently hosted its inaugural Zephyr Developer Summit (June 8-10).

The virtual event featured several Zephyr leaders presenting real-world use cases, best practices, tutorials and more. It offered community members a chance to learn more about the fastest growing RTOS in an informal educational environment.

The Zephyr Project also welcomed AVSystem, Golioth, Pat-Eta Electronics, RISC-V and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden to its global RTOS ecosystem. These new members join Adafruit, Antmicro, BayLibre, Eclipse Foundation, Facebook, Fiware, Foundries.io, Google, Intel, Laird Connectivity, Linaro, Memfault, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP, Oticon, Parasoft, SiFive, Synopsys and teenage engineering, among others.

“The strength of engagement the project has with its members and IoT solution providers reflects the importance of open source efforts to build secure and safe embedded technologies for increasingly connected applications in industrial, smart home, wearables and energy; and for computing platforms integrating microcontrollers with ever-increasing capabilities and functions,” said Joel Stapleton, Chair of the Zephyr Project Governing Board and Principal Engineer Manager at Nordic Semiconductor.

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