Zyte Announces AI-Powered Web Scraping Tool


Zyte has announced its new web data extraction solution called Zyte API. According to the company, the self-service API that consolidates virtually every known web scraping technology and technique into a deceptively simple, but powerful API for collecting web data at scale.

Using the new Zyte API, organizations will have the tools necessary to extract data from even the most sophisticated sites using state-of-the-art techniques in an automated “all-in-one” solution, freeing teams from time-consuming configuration and anti-scraping workarounds.

The new Zyte API replaces a previous set of disparate tools — along with the trial and error process and related expense of using these tools to find the right solution for extracting needed data. Instead, Zyte API uses machine learning to automatically configure itself to retrieve data from any website using the leanest set of resources required on a site-by-site basis, thus ensuring that people and organizations are not overpaying to solve their data collection challenges.

Zyte offers per-site pricing, providing the most cost-effective solution for reliable web data collection. Cost per site is determined by the specific tools needed to solve each respective site’s anti-web scraping measures and bans.