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Accurics‘ open source project Terrascan, which enables teams to detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code (IaC), now integrates with the Argo Project. This integration, coupled with the new Terrascan admission controller feature to enforce CNCF’s Open Policy Agent policies across the software development lifecycle, enhances cloud security as developers adopt a GitOps approach.

Argo, an open source GitOps engine for Kubernetes, synchronizes Kubernetes clusters, making it easier to specify, schedule and coordinate the running of complex workflows and applications on Kubernetes.

Terrascan can scan repositories for violations, and its integration with Argo brings these capabilities to the cluster through automated processes that extend from the source code to the controller. The automatic process ensures that the full pipeline, from development to end-user machine, is secure and fully aligned.

This follows the release of Terrascan’s admission controller, a new capability to apply Policy as Code (PaC) uniformly across the software development lifecycle.

Additionally, Accurics recently released Terrascan integration with Atlantis, an open source Terraform automation platform that leverages an organization’s code repository, such as Git, to streamline and automate Terraform workflows.

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