Red Hat and IBM Research have announced the launch of Konveyor, an open source project aimed at helping modernize and migrate applications for open hybrid cloud by building tools, identifying patterns and providing advice on how to bring cloud-native transformation across IT.

Konveyor also supports a growing number of tools, such as Crane, Forklift, Move2Kube, Tackle, and Pelorus, designed to accelerate Kubernetes adoption.

Konveyor’s subprojects are developed as Kubernetes Operators to help companies take advantage of their flexibility and to make deployment and management simple for admins already familiar with Operators.

There are two primary rehosting needs within the Kubernetes community – migrating virtual machines unaltered to Kubernetes, and migrating already containerized applications between Kubernetes clusters.

KubeVirt allows developers and operations teams to obtain the benefits of Kubernetes orchestration and the surrounding ecosystem without requiring code or configuration changes.

The Konveyor subproject Forklift focuses on migrating virtual machines to Kubernetes and provides the ability to migrate virtual machines to KubeVirt with minimal downtime.

The second need is addressed by the Crane subproject, which concentrates on migrating applications between Kubernetes clusters. There are many times when developer and operations teams want to migrate between older and newer versions of Kubernetes, evacuate a cluster or migrate to different underlying infrastructure.

The final subproject within the Konveyor project, Pelorus, enables metrics-driven transformation and measures the keys to software delivery performance, including lead time for change, deployment frequency, mean time to restore, and change failure rate.

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