Ahana has announced the general availability of Ahana Cloud for Presto, the first cloud-native managed service focused on Presto on AWS.

Ahana Cloud for Presto is deployed within the user’s AWS account, giving customers complete control and visibility of clusters and their data.

In addition to the platform’s use of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (Amazon EKS) and a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) pricing model in AWS Marketplace, the new release includes enhanced manageability, security and integrations via AWS Marketplace.

Ahana also announced its participation in the Intel Disruptor Program to drive the adoption of Open Data Lake Analytics.

Together, Ahana and Intel will offer an Open Data Lake Analytics Accelerator Package, available for Ahana Cloud users that leverage Intel Optane on AWS. It includes special incentives and PAYGO pricing.

An Open Data Lake Analytics approach is a technology stack that includes open source, open formats, open interfaces, and open cloud, a preferred approach for companies that want to avoid proprietary formats and technology lock-in that come with traditional data warehouses.

The offering is aimed at improving joint customers’ experience of running Presto in the cloud to help power the next generation of analytics use cases.

Ahana Cloud for Presto is available in AWS Marketplace, with support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to be added in the future. Ahana Cloud for Presto is priced based on usage, with PAYGO and annual options via AWS Marketplace, starting from $0.25 per Ahana cloud credit.

The Ahana/Intel Open Data Lakes Accelerator Package is available via an AWS Marketplace Private Offer.

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