storage celler

NFINIT has introduced its new suite of object storage solutions: NFINIT AO (Active Object) and NFINIT Object LS (LightSpeed).

According to the company, the new offerings provide storage at a competitive cost per gigabyte. They introduce NFINIT’s new Free-gress payment model which eliminates variable charges for egress (accessing data) and transactions.

NFINIT AO is a low cost, high efficiency, and scalable object storage solution for large and growing data sets, including archival storage.

NFINIT Object LS offers the same benefits, but with a special application layer that provides super speed access to extremely large files. This enables file sharing, viewing, and collaboration without requiring downloads or syncing.

NFINIT Object LS is claimed to be ideal for video and image files used in certain applications, including medical; architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC); safety and surveillance; and media and entertainment.

NFINIT AO and Object LS can help midsize businesses and enterprises reduce the cost of storage by more than 40%, the company added.

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