Airbyte has announced its Free Connector Program that provides free use of any data pipeline on Airbyte Cloud that uses alpha or beta connectors – giving organizations easy access to all of their data.

Airbyte defines generally available connector reliability as at least 99% synchronization success rate with more than 40 users, along with other criteria. Beta connectors still on average have a 93% sync success rate and alpha connectors a 90% sync success rate.

Since Airbyte’s start three years ago, there are now more than 300 connectors available, which means the Airbyte platform has the most connectors in the industry – making it the most complete platform for data movement and integration. With its open-source model and paid Contributor Program, Airbyte is addressing the industry need for the long tail of connectors that otherwise never get addressed. Most of their open-source connectors will be available for use with Airbyte Cloud by the end of the quarter, thus making more than 200 connectors part of the free connector program.

Here is the complete list of connectors currently available for Airbyte. For any that are not yet available, it’s possible to build a connector with the Airbyte CDK (Connector Developer Kit), which generates 75% of the code required. Included are templates for building new connectors in Java or Python.

Sign up for an Airbyte Cloud account and set up connectors. If any source or destination connector is alpha or beta, the entire data pipeline is free of charge.

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