Airship has landed its first release! The pilot project of Airship, or the collection of loosely coupled, interoperable open source tools to declaratively automate cloud provisioning, was launched way back in May 2018.

Airship 1.0 is said to deliver enhanced security, resiliency, continuous integration and documentation, as well as upgrades to the platform, deployment and tooling features.

Starting from bare metal, Airship manages the full lifecycle of infrastructure to deliver a production-grade Kubernetes cluster with Helm-deployed artifacts, including OpenStack-Helm. Airship allows operators to manage their infrastructure deployments and lifecycle through the declarative YAML documents that describe an Airship environment. One workflow handles both initial deployments as well as future site updates.

The pilot project was supported by the OpenStack Foundation, with initial code contributed by AT&T, Intel and SKT.

Airship is already in production at AT&T and SKT. The Airship community takes pride in 3,072 commits in 15 repos and 137 contributors from 17 companies across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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